Welcome to the United States Faceters Guild


Welcome to the United States Faceting Guild – we’re glad you found us.

It’s our mission to promote the art of gemstone faceting around the world. We’ve updated our website, packing in as many new faceting related resources. Some resources will remain free to the public, but our Members will now be able to access our documents and video libraries by machine and topic, and will soon have added resources available in the faceting diagrams database located now at facetingdiagrams.org. We hope you will consider joining the USFG and helping us spread the art of faceting!

–Kell Hymer, USFG President


USFG Membership Benefits:
Please join us! Member exclusive benefits include:
  • Access to our annual Single Stone competition
  • Access to our growing documents database by machine and topic
  • Access to our new video library
  • Access soon to new features on our diagram database at FacetDiagrams.org