Cutting by Ear

by Bob Keller, Old Pueblo Lapidary Club I learned to facet on a Facetron in an Old Pueblo Lapidary Club faceting class. I also worked in class on an Imperial outfitted with a dial indicator. The machine that’s been may favorite for several years now is well used Mark I Graves that I acquired cheap. […]

Gemstone Design Conversion Using the Tangent Ratio Method

Background and Primer for the Online Tangent Ratio Converter by Bob Keller, Old Pueblo Lapidary Club A mathematical procedure known as tangent ratio conversion or translation is frequently employed by faceters to optically optimize or tweek a gemstone design’s pavilion and/or crown angles to work with materials of differing refractive indexes (critical angles) and degrees […]

Sequencing the Crown

by Fred Van Sant In the most recent issue (82) of FACET TALK is 4-page article by Alexandre Wolkonski for beginners on cutting the round brilliant. After cutting the pavilion he sequences the crown in the order Breaks->Mains->Stars->Table. This article is about a different way to do the crown; it applies to all crowns which […]