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  • List of laps planned – grateful for feedback

    Posted by elpaninaro on January 2, 2024 at 12:22 am

    Good evening all,

    I trained in faceting in the mid-90s in high school/college with an excellent teacher and cut many stones. All these years later, I am getting back into it with serious long term plans. I recently received my new Ultra-Tech V5 and I have been reading Herbst’s Amateur Gem Faceting book.

    Quick background to aid any recommendations- Quartz and tourmaline are where my past experience is most concentrated and where I will dedicate much of my focus along with garnet, topaz, beryls and also “collectors items” (for example I have some Phenakite rough as well as facet grade chunks of fluorite from special locales like the Rogerley Mine and Cerro de Pasco.) I also intend to cut a number of larger stones- mostly quartzes in the 40-200+ carat range. While I am not planning to enter cutting competitions, I do want to create top of the line finished products and I will be exploring a number of non-standard cuts (I have all of Jeff Graham’s designs from way back when) and possibly fantasy cutting. Finally, while I do not want to waste money- I do feel like I need to experiment some to gain knowledge, and prefer to do so with good equipment and minimal DIY (I am not an engineer.)

    That said- here is my planned initial purchase of laps and related materials (from Ultra-Tech- they have it all in stock), and I am grateful for any feedback- especially interested to know if this might be overkill and I could cut it back a bit. As I get started cutting again, I am going to work mainly with a parcel of Rose de France Amethyst I picked up recently plus some smaller garnets from various locales.

    Diamond Laps in 260, 600, 1200 and 3000 (note the final 3 also come in “solid steel” versus “plated diamond” for double the price. Is that a good upgrade? I could not find a distinction in the book between the two types.)

    Master lap + packs of Ultra-Laps in Cerium Oxide, Aluminum Oxide and Chrome Oxide.

    Two Batt Laps, 8000 and 60000 Diamond compound

    Thank you for any guidance. I have enough experience plus enough of a plan for the future- that I am confident I will be cutting a wide range of stones in the short term. But it would also be nice to know this is not overkill as it is about $200 more than I had originally planned to spend on laps.

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