Forums Faceting Machines Looking for an instruction manual for an OBrien machine. Reply To: Looking for an instruction manual for an OBrien machine.

  • Jon Rolfe

    February 29, 2016 at 12:05 pm

    They say it’s patented, so I did a search starting in 1790. Sometimes one can find a lot of information in the Patent, and often this is more detailed than a hastily-written manual.

    When a person files a patent application, they can claim it is “Patent Pending”. Often, money runs out, or there is the epiphany “This was not such a good idea”, and they abandon it and it never issues. Another thing that happens is, upon review, there is a defect that prevents it from being accepted. In the above case, it appears the whole thing was based on Prior Art, and was not patentable.
    No luck, though a lot of familiar names popped up, and many, many obscure and screwball devices.

    It appears many people at one time or another had an idea about how to build a faceting machine-And some of them shouldn’t!
    Sometime, if you are bored, go to and do this search. Some will make you sadly shake your head, some will make you laugh.