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  • scottwkelley

    June 30, 2016 at 12:59 am

    Hello all,
    Well the table cutting is improving and I have another question and this stone is teaching me something.
    The cut is Kristine Apex a antique square cushion. When I got to the table I laughed and did not believe what it said. 5 degree’s. What? The reason I laughed is because of all the angle setting to the 100th. I rounded off and called it good. Like making it 47 degrees.
    Well this is what I experienced when cutting this table. I found that I had to almost round the table by cheating the front to back to meet the points while not moving the right to left at all. I believe the 5 degree is meaning to center the middle of the table to allow the 5 degree to the front and negative 5 degree to the rear/back. When I did this the meets came in with little to no frustrations.
    Is this a good example of cheating but purposely having to be done?