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  • drsue

    July 6, 2016 at 9:36 pm

    In good years, the stones are returned and results announced by mid September. This has not been a good year. There were numerous stones postmarked on 6/20/16 that still have not reached the stone handler. So all of the judges do not yet have their stones.

    The judges have several weeks to get their results in and then these must be mailed back to the stone handler with the stones. Then the results must be presented to the board of directors for approval. Once the results are approved, they will be posted. The stone handler will mail the stones and judging sheets back to participants. Awards and certificates are mailed from a different location so may be received at a later time.

    Updates will be posted to this thread when they are available.

    Sue Lichtenberger
    USFG Treasurer