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  • davewoolley

    August 14, 2016 at 1:22 pm

    It was an honor to met so many members of the USFG, and have my head swelled from the many kind comments. I think I have returned to earth from the North Carolina mountain clouds. I wish Mr. Beale and I could have participated together. He was very appreciative of the many letters he received those many years ago.

    Vender, Mr. Awan presented blue spodumene for sale. I was quite taken by the potential of this new to me material. Only in hind sight did I realize the significance. I failed to ask if the material was treated or natural. In any case, this material should be named in the tradition of Hiddenite and Kunzite. I have e-mailed him but have not received a reply. I have suggested to him the name Awanite. Clearly, I do not know the history of the new colored material and “Awanite” might not be appropriate, but there seems to be an opportunity to establish a new name. Any comments?