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  • gemmakermz

    June 7, 2017 at 11:11 pm

    hi again i would prefer to put my time on real natural stones. it takes the same amount of time but natural are worth more. as for rough on ebay now there’s a bit of joke. i bought items sold from india sellers and there not at all what they say they are. lemon topaz, i’ve looked at the pictures and even bought a piece– sorry not.. its quartz and not one piece shows the clevege plain hummmm. a lot of india sales are incorrect or man made. as for u.s.a. seller their more true but the material has a lot to ask for– not too good. we really need to do more exploring here in states as i know theres a lot of gem material here. i was lucky into faceting in 1965 and in 70’s i was able to get some good materials so cutting in my old age i have good stock. even my bad is better than whats offered. N.W. of levenworth wa. there are garnets of fine quality but what they don’t know i was panning up that way and found beautiful sapphires too and that area is just south of the wa. alps. a large granite range. happy hunting