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  • Alan Balmer

    March 18, 2018 at 2:22 pm

    I’m sorry that I haven’t been available for several days. I won’t have much time for another few days, but I can provide some hints to start with.

    Unfortunately, there is no preview provided. What you can do is a test message and submit it to see what it looks like. Then click the button that say’s “Trash”. The message will change color and become invisible to anyone else. Then you can click “Delete” to get rid of it entirely.

    The buttons at the top of the form insert html tags. For example, if you want text in bold, select the text and click on the “b” tag. The “i” is for italic,

    the “b-quote” turns it into a block quote

    the “del button” puts a strikeout line through the selected text, marked with time and date.
    “img” lets you insert an image.

    “link” inserts a link with a visible text and a URL.

    “ul” and “ol” are for ordered list and unordered list, and “li” denotes an item in a list. I’m not clear on how to use these.

    “code” is used to mark a section of programming language.

    I don’t know whether all users can insert other html, but I’ll find out. That would allow specifying font, size, and color, for example. I’ll find out.

    I’ll try to revisit this topic sometime next week, and educate myself.