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  • wilbertfwebb

    April 3, 2018 at 3:41 pm

    Page 38 of the March 2018 Newsletter has Comments on the Yggdrasil, by Tom Mitchell.

    I just finished my first attempt on this using some citrine glass and although I will need to do it now with a better quality rough for the single stone 2018 competition.
    As stated… “The areas that may pose the most challenge”
    I didn’t have an issue with the pavilion facets and they polished nicely. I did have the table alignment problem because of the C3 table facets because of the low 8.38 angle. As you can see by the posted picture… In order to make a nice gem although not to contest specification I needed to over cut the table to get a symmetric alignment. Frankly I wasn’t paying attention to the comments until after the fact so you guys and gals who haven’t started your single stone… pay attention or you too will be doing it over again. 🙂

    Bert Webb
    Sophia, N.C.