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  • JTheesfeld

    June 28, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    While I do not want to disclose what I paid (It was great!), I purchased over a kilo of tumbled Peridot from Stevie. Of that, about 1/3 was facet grade, the remainder being perfectly good cab/bead material. I separated the facet grade into almost equal amounts of small (4-8 ct.), medium (8-10 ct.) and large (10-25 ct.) rough. There were about 20 pieces of OMG from 20+ ct., with a few over 50ct. Once I established my willingness to work with him, I was able to buy some “special” pieces from him separately, all of which I inspected closely. I have more Peridot than I can cut in my lifetime.

    I also purchased a very nice necklace for my wife, he had made himself, with a 100+ ct. centerpiece wire-wrapped Peridot specimen.

    I also collected a handful of facetable rough directly from his claim, although they were mostly small (4-8 ct.). It is very, very rare to collect any facetable semi-precious rough from a mine site, but you can do it with Stevie’s help on Peridot Mesa, AZ.