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  • gailbumala

    July 29, 2018 at 4:20 am

    With due respect, I don’t see that anyone has brought about any political discussion here. Believe me, some of us have had some real rip-snorters on Facebook, yet we remain respectful of one another. Naming what has caused injury and the downfall of an illustrious faceting guild is very appropriate for this group. We all love faceting and care about what happens with one another.
    I understand, Diane, as my beloved grew up overseas. Her father was with the diplomatic corps in “Commuications,” which ended them up in a couple of countries which had armed coup de’etats. She and her brother had to crawl from the van to their house under machine gun fire. She was literally blown off the toilet once by a nearby bombing. I had to go tell my neighbors that regardless of the legality of Tannerite, if they blew one more thing up, there would follow some form of extreme retribution. Once I explained her PTSD, they understood. There were no more explosions before we moved into town and they’re still our friends.
    Well, Diane, I welcome you to Oregon and the CWFG. We can’t wait to have you! P.S., if you want, I know a therapist very skilled in treatment for PTSD. I’ve got a nice pile of sunstone waiting for you! 🙂