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  • mr-john

    August 28, 2018 at 11:48 pm

    I was able to use Crossover as described in the Gemology Online link, but I’m having the same issue as one of the posters in that string:

    “The only issue that i have is regarding the printer. I can print any diagrams i want (so far, no problem) BUT it doesn’t want to print the angles and indexes. AND when i look at the print preview, it directly shows the same mistakes encountered on the actual printing. SO, i am pretty sure that the problem doesn’t come from my printer but elsewhere? Any guesses? Advices? Any help would be more than welcomed!”

    On screen the program works well and all appears normal. I can even enter all the information I want into the diagram. However, that’s where the fun ends. A preview of the diagram finds the cutting instructions garbled and unusable. And like the person above states, the printed instruction has the same unusable appearance.

    Does anyone have any insights as to what may cure this issue?