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  • gemmakermz

    September 3, 2018 at 2:59 am

    @f18simguy can you get back to me. it looks like you spent a lot. prob for what you spent on the crystalite two laps you could have bought several diff grits. i by from a seller in china and pay on the average 12-15 dollars apiece for 8″ laps that have WAY more diamond on them. me and my students cut on them and they DO A JOB. a set of 3 6″ was $14.– a 120 400 1200, and a set of 600 1500 3000 for $14— $28 including shipping for 6 6″ laps, for same in 8″ about 80-90 dollars tolal and you use your master lap with them. 90+ percent of our polishing is done on a TIN lap with 50,000 grit diamond powder at very slow speed and slowww drip of water to make a mud/slur. i had an old time faceter try my polish technique. and was amazed how fast it was. don’t know what the torch was for. we dop to expected table with the purple model airplane cyno then transfer to green dop wax. that way no slippage or shifting. use a table dop small enough to hold while doing the bottom, glue has a low shear facter. and if breaks from was a drop of glue will hold it. p.s. DON’t score you polishing laps– troubles.