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  • gemmakermz

    September 3, 2018 at 5:29 am

    again i will post, i get laps from a seller in china 6″ run $5-$10 each and a 3psc set about $14-$15 and that includes shipping the 8″ run $12-$15 each including shipping and they have far more diamond on them, they dont skimp. as to worp i put my thumbs set bottom center and fingers on rim and gently flex all the way around. i have seldom ever had that problem. in the case of coarse wheels a tiny bit doesn’t hurt, the fine finishing has to be flat so polishing is flat. i get laps on ebay if you want to know which/where email me. i buy them for my club members and new faceters and they pay what i paid for them. i teach faceting at age 78 and has been my hobby for 53 yrs. in 70’s i worked for crystalite/pacific test specialties making these first metal bonded(plated)laps and demo’ing them at shows.