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  • gemmakermz

    November 2, 2018 at 6:23 pm

    i find it very funny with everyone trying to get exact degrees. very slight differences do little to change view-able brilliance. as long as you are in correct range, do as good as possible in matching your facets and get that as perfect as possible polish, your stone will be brilliant. all these ultra infinite fine reading and setting is just over kill, the eye can not see a sub fraction of a degree in a small object. people ow and aw at my stones and their not cut to those super infinite degrees and tolerances. and i don’t go for competition either, my egos not that runaway. and i’ve been cutting for 50 yrs and doing special cuts and stones for others too. as for your machine, i have 2 MDR’s one very old and one newer without the dial indicator. set to 90 on the stop and check the main quill shaft nere end for out of round, if good then check your dops. also check to see if you might have something in the whole where the dop goes. also there are Colet type and set screw type tightener to hold dop in. a bur indent in the colet type can throw of centering. and unless the whole for the dop and the dop are exact, normally not, so you can insert the dop, the set screw will push the dop to opposite side of whole– of center– got it.