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  • JTheesfeld

    January 14, 2019 at 5:52 pm

    The Faceter’s Frolic is put on by the USFG at the OPLC facilities. It includes all the activities from Feb 6th through the 9th (ending 5PM), listed in the Frolic Notice, put out by the USFG.
    The Hobnob is hosted by the OPLC, and was not posted anywhere…sorry. This should begin around 6PM, Sat, Feb. 9th, and will include a dinner, another “Pretty Gem Contest” (Synthetic and Natural groups), facet rough dealers, sales tables, and perhaps a short presentation this year by the USFG President, but no scheduled presentation I am aware of. This should be more of a “Get to Know Each Other” session this year. I think you would need to contact the OPLC to get dinner information, time, cost, menu, etc.
    That is the best info I have right now.