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Do yourself a favor and cut it from lab-created ruby rough. If you can even find it, gem-quality natural ruby rough is going to be thousands and thousands of dollars, and the odds of you getting ripped off when trying to purchase it are very, very high.

Once you’ve spent your thousands of dollars on alleged ruby rough, just pay someone to cut it for you.

I’ve faceted roughly 100 stones, and am still not in a place where I’m 100% confident on cutting the mid-four-figure piece of sapphire (also corundum) rough that I bought to facet a new wedding ring for my wife.

If you end up getting a machine (I recommend Ultra-Tec), PM me and I’ll send you a chunk of laboratory ruby rough that you can try out. It is chemically identical to natural ruby, except it isn’t full of flaws that are waiting to trip you up.