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well here i am again and still teaching and now 82 heading for 83 and have picked up a few more students. by the way nadine marchall was my yougest student and now doing GREAT instagram ( i love green rocks) and still recommend the ultra tec and raytech/shaw depending on your budget. or used one when available. the cheapest a newbee can use that i might stear to is one china knock-off on ebay of the LEE head, with white base selling as low as $200 at times, its functional. the most functional and adaptable it the ultra tec as you can adapt it to cut really large stones, so far my largest was an N-yag egg that was 81mm long, by 51mm diameter, 368 facets and 2870 carats now owned by laser materials in vancuuver wa, the manufacruers of the laser rod materials i cut.