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Recently I noticed that I couldn’t get an even girdle on my V5. So after doing some research I got my ceramic lap out and did some testing. I found out that there was a pretty big change in angle (.05 or .06) as I swept across the lap.
Further research suggested that there was an adjustment point where the quill meets the mast… 3 allen screws.
So, after an hour or so playing around with those screws the variance dropped to .00 to .01…Using my dial indicator it practically didn’t move sweeping from edge to center to edge across the lap.
I think that’s about as good as anyone could expect. And the ceramic has practically no bounce…flattest lap I have. But at least I now have a clean baseline to work from.

If you want to try this… have a ceramic disk, put a dop in and set for around 45 degrees. Oil the lap so it doesn’t drag. Move your mast so that when you sweep the entire lap that it gets to a safe distance from the spindle and sweep from edge to edge across the entire lap. If you have a dial indicator on your mast, set it so that you can keep very light pressure to stay in contact with the lap and read how much variance you get. Then comes the adjusting if you are off too much… Do this with the machine off… don’t rotate the lap.