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I finally managed to download the gemcad file — had to use “save as” instead of just trying to open it with my browser. Jim, take a close look at the replay function in GemCad and you’ll see that the G2 facet doesn’t meet the G1-P1 facets. I’m not sure how the folks got this to come out, but it ain’t right — in either the file on this site or the slightly different file published in the Dec. newsletter. Try “cutting” the stone in gemcad using the directions and sequence posted for either design and you’ll see the P2 non-meet problem. If you use Mitch’s original instructions on the gemology site you’ll be able to cut it. I would change the P8 and P9 order (easier to form a new culet meetpoint with 4 facets) and also you’ll probably discover that a P8 angle of 39.25º works better to get both meets. Good luck.