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Glenn Wood

Sid – I’ve only been faceting for 11 yrs now, I learned on the Graves Mark 5 & fell in love with faceting.

I would definitely suggest the Facetron. My instructor/mentor has been using his Facetron for over 30 years and facets professionally, his full time job. I purchased a Facetron 4 yrs ago after my first machine an Omni-e bearings flooded out. I have never been happier. The Facetron is an exceptionally well built machine, the family owned Jarvi company has fantastic customer service, you can call or email them at any time if you have questions and they will get back to you almost immediately.

I did have a problem with the bearings in my motor after the warranty expired, contacted them, they replaced the defective part and I only had to pay for shipping & return and they did this free of charge even though my warranty had expired by 3 months.

As regards to the Graves, my mentor along with a couple of other members that I know of, who have acted as agents selling Graves, have had problems with Graves customer service as to no response to orders long over due for machines or parts even after contacting them repeatedly. This has been going on for a year or more.

You get what you pay for, so my suggestion go with the Facetron, a great machine, keyed dops for easy alignment, and most of all fantastic customer service.

Just my thoughts, I have no financial interest in either company, nor do I act as an agent for them.