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JamesY. Moore

Here’s some information that you might be interested in. Couple years ago thereabouts, I purchased the graves Mark five XL from Tom Maxwell. my experience is as follows. When I received the machine the bearings were loud and rumbling so I had to return it to Peter Erdo, Owner of Graves. He replaced the machine entirely. However it was not level so having a great deal of industrial experience as a machine adjuster I attempted to make that adjustment. Without very much pressure one of the three adjusting lobes snapped off so I had to send it back again, which he fixed for me after quite a long wait. And then I determined that the mast was not perfectly straight and Tom sent me a new one for 20 bucks plus freight. Now about two months ago it started growling and squeaking again so I called up Peter at graves and he said to put it in a box along with a note to what I wanted done and he would get right to it. Shipping was about $60. As I said that was two months ago and I still don’t have my machine. I have spoken to him numerous times. He has told me everything from it shipped three days ago to I’ll do it tomorrow to I’ll do it right now, repeatedly. As far as I know I have never said anything to him out of the way, I am just a customer. I have been very patient. Presently he just doesn’t even answer the phone most of the time nor does he return any calls or texts. Regarding the machine itself I don’t believe it’s very well-made. It has numerous faults and I would not buy it again. I am considering driving down there to demand my machine back. Is about a 5 Hour Dr. from my home. I was thinking just like you of saving some money and I sorely regret it. Good Luck.

Jim Moore