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Ken Michalek

FFF10 Update
Franklin Faceters Frolic 10 July 27, 28 & 29 2017
Speaker Lineup (tennative):
Thursday July 27
Morning Tom Mitchell Dopping and Re-dopping
Afternoon Gerry Boykin Cutting a Competition Stone
Friday July 28
Morning Dave Woolley The Beall/Woolley Depth of Cut
Indicator- Suspense, Adventure, Discovery
Afternoon Ray Metric A Comparison of Diamond Cutting to
Gemstone Cutting
Saturday July 29
Morning Diane Eames Rough Evaluation
Afternoon John & Sue Lichtenberger A Rough and Ready Guide to Gem ID
Approximate times at this point is Morning 10:00 am, Afternoon 1:00 pm
Don’t miss this year
More to come….
Ken Michalek