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hi i used to make the diamond laps in the 70’s and found, then and now, the 3000 grit is useless unless your working with maylee stones ( less than 25 points 1/4 ct. where you have small facets. i’ve been cutting since 1965 and still doing. i use what ever coarse wheel for the size of stone i’m cutting but use only a good 1200 grit for final shaping before going to polish. usually you really don’t have to break in cutting laps just don’t let their faces touch another face for cross contamination. not sure what polishing lap your using, i see all kinds of laps out there and some that people are having trouble using. i have for 40+ yrs used only a pure tin lap that we made at crystalite, if you can find an affordable one its recommended. does your machine have a variable speed?? too many times the polishing problem is too fast speed. its not letting the polishing agent to remain in contact to stone surface long enough. i have an ultra tec and a raytech and they have a variable speed. using a tin lap with a VERY slow speed and using 50,000 diamond powder i use an very low water drip, just enough to make a thin mud on the working area of the lap and not enough to cause the mud to be washed off. i find this usually polishes about everything. i’ve been useing my laps for yrs but dont score them like some people say to. the most scoring i’ve ever done is rubbed with fine steel scrubber lightly. mike zinski