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hi if you dont mind using a 6″ lap on an 8″ machine, by going on ebay and typing diamond laps i found a set of 3laps, 120 400 and 1200 for a total cost of $16 and have a whole lot more diamond on them than those made in u s , they are from china even the 8″ ers are cheaper. myself i’ve been using a pure tin lap with a quality 50,000 diamond powder made into a slurry on a SLOW turning lap with just enough drip to keep it as a mud. i’ve been polishing most stones that way for yrs. i have recently ordered a batt lap which they tell me is 90% tin, i will try it, i have also gotten a ceramic lap and is touchy/tricky to get to work. troublesome on large facets, on small stone and facet quite fast using tin oxide for quartz. but not functional with diamond compound or poweder. i like cutting large free form stones, right now doing a faceted egg in quartz, about 800 cts, the ceramic lap works but very low and trying. on you facet, i’ve cut on most all machines while working at crystalite/ pacific test specialties in the 70’s i demo’ed the facet for the maker then at a local lapidary show. you were speaking of moving the head straight up and down on the arched protractor yes you’ll have a problem. i would prefer to use a 45 degree adapter to get bettr control. only time i am concerned about spin direction is when you have a cleavage plain or growth plain to deal with. i use my ultra tec or my raytech as prefered machine.
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