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Thanks for the reply. Morion Co. had several imitation diamond options. I forget the names now but the one I was interested in was something similar to lithium niobate. Maybe it was strontium titanate? They had a colorless variety with a hardness of around 5-6. I don’t like to cut CZ because I feel like it wears out my laps. Perhaps I’m paranoid? I was curious to cut some of the original diamond synthetics before CZ and Moissanite took over so I could see how they all compare, and to have it just because 🙂 I shouldn’t have thought about it so long and just bought some when I could. Lesson learned!

Oh, and I just remembered Creative Gems for anyone else reading this thread. They have hydrothermal quartz. I bought some quartz from them in the past and was a bit disappointed and had to return it (the seed wasn’t cut out and they sent the wrong colors). However, they don’t bill up front so return is easy. They ship it to you and then you pay for what you keep and return what you don’t want (you pay shipping).