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Always? I cut my girdles first, then mains, then breaks, then stars. Trying to cut to a temporary centerpoint for breaks is problematic when cutting the crown, as you may not have enough material to reach a centerpoint. I usually use a 600 or 1200 lap to cut the breaks, (depending on stone size), and cut them to where they just meet at the center of the main.
When cutting small round brilliants (pavilion first) I usually leave the stone in 8 sides until after transfer, then cut the 16 girdle facets after transferring. Makes aligning the girdle to the lap a lot easier, and the larger facet makes it more accurate.

My steps work like this: cut a flat temporary table and dop to it.
Adjust dop in quill to your liking and lock it down.
Cut pavilion mains to centerpoint.
Cut 8 girdle facets, corresponding to main facet indexes.
Cut 16 break facets.
Depending on size of stone, transfer now, or cut 16 girdle facets.
After transfer, cut 16 girdle facets, if you haven’t already.
Cut 8 main facets, girdle will be uneven, bottom of main at center will be girdle thickness.
Cut 16 break facets (600 or 1200 lap, depending on size). Breaks should just meet at center of main, and girdle should now be level.
Cut 8 star facets, lower tips just meeting break facet upper tips.
Polish stars, mains, and breaks in that order, and girdles if you haven’t already.
Cut and polish table, however you do it on your machine.