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I wish I had some advice on the Polymetric faceting machines, but I cut on Ultra Tec. I feel the same way as you….there seems to be very little action on this website and the articles are 6 months old, so I just wanted you to know there are some of us out there! I have heard that the Polymetric are very good machines and I guess the only thing I can reccomend if you are newer to faceting would be to look at the features of each one that is still on the market and compare that to what you have cut on (this is assuming you have already cut stones in a clsss or other). I have only cut on Ultra Tec and Facetron and I eventually purchased an Ultra Tec with Digital Angle Dial. I live in San Diego, CA and the UT offices are close to me, so I have had fantastic customer service with Ultra Tec with little or no down time. I would highly recommend Ultra Tec from my own experience, but again, I have only cut on a few machines to base this on, so if the Polymetric has the features (which from what I have seen, are many) that you desire and a few others offer their experience with it, you will make the right choice. I have cut gemstones as a hobby and sold many to very happy customers. I have also entered competitions and have many first place awards in a relatively short time of cutting.