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I should have asked this in my last post before responding to your O.P. rather than making the assumption. But have you had any experience faceting yet? If not then before purchasing any machine I would recommend trying to find a local gem & mineral club, or recreation center, or community college that offers faceting classes.

I have been surprised at the number of faceting machines and accessories that I have found in the estates of folks who went out and bought a brand new machine and a good assortment of laps and cutting rough who then only cut a few stones before deciding that faceting wasn’t for them, or another interest captured their attention. And then their barely used faceting machine and laps set in their basement for years until after they passed and their family liquidated their estate.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love finding collections with barely used machines and laps to purchase, but I would strongly advise, if possible, that everyone try to get a little hands-on experience faceting before making such a costly purchase.

But if you do already have some experience faceting and the hook is set, and if price is not an issue, then my advise would be to buy the best machine that you can afford.

Larry Cashatt