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Justin Prim

Hi JTheesfeld. I just saw this thread and it perked my interest because I have been going through old faceting designs from the Renaissance times and making gem cad diagrams of them. Some of them are really really interesting and complex. I’m not ready to share any yet because I plan to publish them in a book I’m working on about the history of colored stone faceting. I recommend checking out this book if you can find it in a library. It has lots of drawings of renaissance stones:

I recently purchased the first 10 years of lapidary journal and I scanned the first issue and uploaded it for all to see. I have a website going called and you can find it in the Resources section.

Unfortunately they don’t post any diagrams until 1949 but I have uploaded that one here for you. Eventually I would like to digitize my whole collection to PDF to share online but that will take a long time !

Also let me know if you find any interesting stuff as historian or if you need and help or suggestion. I am full of them and happy to meet another historian!

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