Justin Prim

If I was going to start again, here is what I would get

Course topper Lap for Preforming (I use 400 grit)

Adamas Sintered Lap for cutting (

Gearloose ZincPlus ( Gives you two different lap options, zinc and hard tin for polishing different stuff.

Gearloose Dominatrix Gives you two more different lap material options: Batt Tin and Diamatrix composite.

Between those two polishing laps I think you could polish anything (except quartz). Get the Batt sticks to use: 13k, 18k, 50k, 100k. (or instead get diamond powder and olive oil, I recommend 0-1 or 0-2 grit diamond powder)

Then get Tom Herbst’s books : Amateur Gemstone Faceting 1 and 2

With those laps and books plus your machine of choice then you only need a few more things.

Magnification: loupe (I recommend Belomo) or visor (I used #7 magnification), your choice
Adhesive: Gorilla Glue High Impact or Wax+Oil Lamp, your choice (I use both, depending)
Acetone and a glass jar to clean the stone when finished
Lap holder: I use a wooden plate stand that I got in the dollar store that perfectly holds 5 laps
Lamp: Diffused LED is great if your machine doesn’t have a light. I have one in addition to my machine lamp. LED can change brightness and temperature and isn’t too expensive
If you need a transfer block, Polymetric makes one of the best ones

ALSO don’t forget, you need some STONES TO CUT 🙂