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You do need some sort of 600 grit lap. I have had much luck with cheap THK laps available on ebay. Much versatility..

Also, See Justin Primm’s Forum response to “Starting Checklist”. May 28th It is very thorough.

I recommend looking into the Gearloose 8″ Starter Kit. It is a great value and has almost everything you need to go from Novice to advanced.

Lap & Polish Starter kit

I also highly, highly, highly suggest entering the USFG SSC Novice competition. Do not hesitate!!! It is an amazing way to focus your beginning efforts, with great designs, and highly valuable feedback. You don’t need to win, or even qualify to get a huge benefit.

Send me your address, privately, and I will put together a starter rough packet for you.

You should also look into joining a local faceting guild, and get workshop type advice from local faceters.

Much success to you!!!