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again i repeat the easiest way to polish is tin and diamond and works on all stones. we cut at fast speeds and use a 1200 metal bond(plated) diamond wheel for final, before polish. now when polishing we go VERY slow on a tin lap made by whomever and DEFINITELY NOT scored in any way. run slow with VERY low drip of water, no oil or paste, and just a finger tip touch of powder on the working area of lap to make a mud/slur will give a perfect polish. i/we use a good grade of 50,000 grit powder. i buy it on ebay from china at $80 for 1000 carats, 8 cents a ct., and lasts for a very long time many stones by several cutters. the diamond at this slow speed tends to charge the tin lap. using so little water doesn’t wash of the diamond just the cuttings off, even at 50,000 your cutting.. scoring leaves chanals for cutting to build up in and dry out causing build up scratching, even dried polish can scratch. and flooding with water just washes the polishing agent off the lap.