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Those green scouring pads use aluminium oxide as an abrasive, which is hardness 9 on Mohs’ scale, so you don’t want to use them on your machine.
I can’t help you with the ceramic lap, but I can tell you how I use my Batt laps for polishing.

I go from a 1200 plated lap to 3k diamond on a Batt lap for pre-polish at around 200-300rpm using a couple of drops of baby oil with the diamond powder. It will give you a far better finish than a plated 3k lap.
The finish is so good that I polish with 60k on a stationary Batt lap, it will polish most facets with just a couple of wipes across the lap. Leaving a perfectly flat facet with an excellent polish. I apply a decent amount of pressure with the 3k, light pressure with the 60k.

I have used Diasticks but I find diamond powder and baby oil much faster. The key is not using too much oil, two drops with the powder on an 8-inch lap is more than enough. What I’m trying to achieve is a semi dry surface where the diamond doesn’t ball up and create grooves or scratches in the stone. With this method most of the material removed from the stone will stay on the lap, so I only cut one half of a stone before cleaning the lap and recharging.

Cleanliness with the 3k diamond is very important, I once got some on my 60k lap and even after thorough cleaning and recharging it would after a while start scratching again. So, I bought a new lap and now every time I touch anything with 3k on it I wash my hands.
Also have three different liners for the inside of the bowl made from those indestructible plastic buckets. You can cut them up into whatever size you want and they will always retain their curved shape. One for general use, one when using 3k and one for 60k.

Hope this helps