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Is the book “FACETING FOR AMATEURS” worthwhile? I certainly would say yes to this question. Glenn Vargas’s book is how I learned to facet. There was no one around to teach faceting at the time and the few booklets around did not offer much information. Faceting for Amateurs covers such a great amount of areas that I think any faceter would find useful, even at the present time. His book was my bible. I believe that Glenn and Martha Vargas taught more students in the whole world, when they taught at the Texas University in Austin and in the desert near Palm Springs, California.

I have always had the habit of circling parts of the books paragraphs I read so that I could easily review the important things I needed to be able to pass tests in school. I told Glenn Vargas about this one time and his reaction was that “FINE, I will send you another copy so that your can circle some more paragraphs”. He gave me the book along with his autograph. Later I bought another copy. But now the first and third copies along with the free copy are in the library at the FACETERS MUSEUM in Jacksonville, Florida along with my Library of faceting related books that I also donated to the Museum.