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If your having the issue I think your having, one way I go about it is setting the table adapter to 44.75 (I play with this a little), however when grinding on 1200, I start at 45 to see if they are even all the way around, usually the bottom part is cutting more than the top, so I will keep cutting down at 44.95 or 44.90 or basically until they are all even around.

Don’t “touch” the stars at this stage, just get really close. Once you go to polish, if you ended on 44.90 (sometimes lower, play this part by sight), then start off around 44.92, check to see if it is polishing evenly across the whole table, adjust as required. Do this until all scratches are gone and you have touched the stars.

If your having issues left/right you can adjust the cheater a tad to bring them even.