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As a quick update here, I share a similar disappointing experience recently. I placed an order in early February, and waited several weeks for a package…

When it didn’t arrive, I sent them an E-Mail, and it got bounced back by the server. So I tried to send an E-Mail to a second e-mail address I found, and it too was returned as un-deliverable. I tried calling MANY times and always got a message telling me the voicemail was full and to hang up.

Then about a month or so after I placed my order, I did finally receive a partial order. They were kind enough to charge me the full shipping charges on this first partial order even though these items would have easily fit inside the package for my full order. The packing slip said the remainder of the order will be shipped free (I’m ok with that), but I still don’t know if/when the rest of my order will ever be shipped.

I suspect that if they have your items in-stock and they are in a good mood, you may get your order fairly quickly… but if they don’t have your item in stock, or change their mind about selling your items, your order just goes into a black hole somewhere.

I’m still hopeful that someday the rest of my order will be shipped, but I can’t say that I’d order from them again.