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To me, it appears that one facet cuts slower than the rest. I have experienced that in a number of other stones, including lab created stones. However, I am not certain this is your issue as I do not cut a lot of CZ.

Here’s my CZ secret: The only time I cut CZ is if I’m in some type of competition…then….what I do is…go online and buy an already cut CZ a little bigger than I need and of a similar shape as I need for the competition (like a standard round brilliant), the stone is cheap enough that I can basically treat it as preformed piece of rough. Then I just re-cut it! The advantages are that I already know how vivid the finished color will be, I already have a good preform to save time, I already can see there are no inclusions (although this isn’t a problem with CZ), and I already can see that someone cut/polished the stone before…and I can assume they didn’t have any major problems!