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Greetings, Jeff —

I haven’t seen much about the IFC and am wondering how it is coming along. Look like they fixed a few things that were glaringly wrong — mostly to do with the dimensions give to the nearest 0.01mm. Most faceters don’t have calipers and mics that are capable of measuring to that level with any kind of accuracy and I know I wouldn’t risk the anvils on my B&S mic on a stone (or risk chipping the stone with the mic). I’m still a bit confused when the size is listed (see sections B, C, and D)as minimum 10mm +/- 0.1mm. What’s with the +/- 0.1mm? Or are they specifying the size to be 10mm, +/- 0.1 mm?

How many cutters are you working with so far? I’ve gone back through Charlie Moon’s old correspondence from when he was the US coordinator and am amazed at how much effort he (and a number of the cutters) put into the competition. Since you are also the historian in addition to being the coordinator, you might be interested — let me know.

All the best,
Keith Wyman