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Hi Dennis,

You make a good point. Something I stumbled upon yesterday following a transfer. Its my assumption that a slight misalignment while transferring, would propagate the error throughout the crown, even if corrected a lot of time is spent on trying to align the pavilion and crown facets. Am I correct in assuming this is al least one of the problems keyed dops are seeking to solve? If there is any literature you could point me towards to glean further insight, I would very much appreciate that.

I’m making use of UT V2. I bought the machine from 2nd hand, and the spindle doesn’t appear to have a alignment. Its function rather as a late collet, tightening around the dop when turn clockwise. I did however receive some keyed tops as a bonus from the previous owner, which leads me to think the spindle could be replaced with one that is keyed?

Thanks a ton in advance.