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My local club, Southern Nevada Gem & Mineral Society (SNGMS), owns eight machines that members who are taking weekly classes can use. Once signed up for a class, a machine is assigned to them but stored in the club’s between classes.

The classes are four hours long and taught by a Master Faceter who does not charge for his time… Weekly class fee is $15.

The club owns enough discs, transfer-jigs, and polishing medium to support eight machines and the fees are allocated to material replacement, etc.

The idea is to allow members to learn the basics before making their own investment in equipment. The eight machines are in use most of the time and there is often a short waiting-list for new students. As we all know, faceting is not for everyone, and the majority of students do not pursue the hobby after their first series of classes. About 10% of students become interested enough to buy their own equipment and continue their education. (Anyone who owns their own machine is welcome to bring it to class, but most don’t.)

Sadly, Las Vegas is not a mecca of faceting.