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Hi Alan,
No. I don’t know why but your reply took a few days to pop up. I may try that later, but I may need to talk to Tom first. He might be already headed in the direction as I had in mind. I’m thinking about a site we can all exhibit our things; Like an exhibit. Items we wish to put up for sale, trade or whatever. Plus, I’d like to see weekly auctions where the proceeds go to charity, I have a few hand fills of stones I can put up. I’m sure we all do. Done correctly we can gain some priceless PR points. This is an elite Group of Distinguished artist. Nothing like a charity drive to show the world just how elite we are. Another thing I’d really like to see is a registry of certified venders & suppliers providing a variety of services and goods like a direct link to certified rough materials (Both Natural & Lab) from all over the world.
Anyway, I’m so new with you guy…maybe I should just sit back a bit and keep reading the forums. Someone’s probably already working on what I had in mind.
THANKS FOR THE REPLY. At least now I know my Blogs are being seen.