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Hi All:

I agree with Alan Balmer when he posted way back in 1-29-2016 that He would rather see the USFG truly owned by the USFG and not a particular person and governed by Yahoo. I believe there would be much more action by members in making the chat pages come to life like it was years ago. But I have not contributed much for several years because of my health etc.

I noticed the discussion about a single Tourmaline inclusion inside of a quartz faceted gem. I will see if I an doing right at getting my comments processed the proper way and attached pictures properly done so that it may be interesting for some faceters.

Back in 1991 I faceted such a gem after looking everywhere including Tucson for years to find a piece that I could use for the project. My stone turned out great. If the pictures are done right here, I think many faceters will enjoy seeing and later trying this project themselves.

I used a round step cut to start with and of course centered the tourmaline from the center of the crown and out at the culet. With the overhead picture the one inclusion is seen, while the side view of the stone shows the many reflections of the tourmaline.

Glenn Klein

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