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heaven forbid—- never use any kind of sand paper on any kind of polishing lap— THE GRIT FROM SAND PAPER IT LOOSE AND WILL contaminate/EMBED IN YOUR POLISHING LAP. if you did do that you’ll have to have it turned in a lathe to be resurfaced. and YES their all correct keep the stone in motion across the surface of the lap but try not to go against the direction of the turning lap, you could catch a sharp point or edge and pop you stone off or gouge the surface of the lap. i use tin laps and have some very old crystalite tin ones and other old ones and did buy and are using 2 6″ batt laps which i was later told are 90% tin, they all work great, i’ve had 2 become contaminated by students but have a member of the lakeside gem and mineral club that works in a machine shop and had them turned/resurfaced and work great again.