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hay i got one of those so called real topaz and ya it was man made so look out. if you would like to cut a real eye catcher contact me. i have access to laser yag. a company here in wa. state makes laser rods and some times goes wrong and can’t be used. i’ve been cutting specials for trade of scraps. i have a cut i call the reverse brilliant my way and it is now in demand. i cut a laser yag to my cut and wow is what they say. i even have a video through ultra tec on facebook and instagram of my 245 carat 193 facet yag going wild. if you would like a piece of yag and the diagram of my cut which is still 57 facets contact me a friend of mine, a fellow faceter cut three yags to my cut and a forth for a set of earrings, pendant, and ring and got $900 for them, unmounted. they sell for more than $10 a carat.