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I just cut my first corrundum. It was a lavender sapphire from Sri Lanka. I did it with a 600 Crystallite for roughing.

Then I switched to 3k pandamonium on a zinc plus lap. I use 3k and 8k to cut. These grits are not just a prepolish for me.

I found I did experience pitting with my 3k, especially with heavier pressure. Lighter pressure didn’t result in as much pitting.

My stone was only about 1.2cts when I started so not much wiggle room. I moved to 60k on a diamatrix despite the pitting so I wouldn’t wreck my stone trying to cut the pits out. I used 60k to cut the pits out. It took forever.

In retrospect I should have cut on my 8k Batt lap instead of 3k on zinc. I believe it would have resulted in less pitting.

I still have a few more Sri Lanka sapphires and longido rubies to do. I’ll update as I cut them if you’d like.

Here’s a photo of the lavender sapphire. Bear in mind my picture taking skills are awful.

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