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I’m also looking for someone who can service my Graves Mark IV (or, even better, show/tell me how to service my own machine). I think the head has become loose over time – I find that my index gear seems “off” every time I change angles and/or mast position (and sometimes even when I don’t change anything).

Any help would be appreciated! I’m basically out of commission until I get it fixed. I’m tempted to suck it up and buy a Mark V digital head (left hand), but then I’d have to go through Graves and I’d still like to fix the old ‘analog’ head as a backup.

BTW, I’ve been waiting for about 3 1/2 months on an existing order from Graves – just some spare dops and some CZ rough I was hoping to cut for the Single Stone Competition that ended 25 days ago. Kinda bummed about Graves but I don’t want to just throw my Mark IV in the garbage, ya know?

Any advice? (apart from dropping $4k+ on a new UT)