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I totally understand that mail does get lost. I am very disappointed that no one was notified of the situation, however. I am also wondering if it was the Grand Master Stones that had been lost, would things have been handled differently? I hope this situation can be resolved and that hopefully we can cut our stones again, if they are not found. Has this ever happened before in the any of the past competitions? According to the explanation of what really happened it sounds like there was a few people that need reprimanded for lack of organization. Why did no one have the proper address of where they were being shipped to? And why was a tracking number not given. Why are the packages not sent registered and have a signature required for pick up. Who knows really, but I feel policies and procedures need to be put in place other than what you currently have. I have very much enjoyed the USFG and understand that a lot of folks want to be able to point the finger and say “it’s your fault”. I hope we will hear something soon on a decision as to what the next step is going to be.