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When I started faceting, many years ago, I bought those expensive Chrystalites. I did not get that many stones from them before they were wore out. Do not waste your money. Buy toppers, 600 and 260 along with a 6″ batt with 3000 grit diamond for prepolish. For fun cutting I go from a 600 topper to a tin, or batt with 14,000 diamond. That combination will polish everything including quartz. Later you can add another batt with 50,000 or 100,000 diamond but for just fun cutting 14,000 works just fine. Commercial cutting factories use 14,000 or larger grit. Later you can add other laps as you gain experience. I have no idea how many polishing laps I have but when I just sit down to finish a stone in a couple of hours it is 600 topper to 14,000 diamond.